MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Scholarship Committee is to support, promote and encourage the educational pursuits and goals of individuals in our church and community with scholarships and educational grants.


The Providence Baptist Church Scholarship Committee's responsibility is to administer and award scholarships to applicants who meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarships that Providence Baptist Church offers. In the past scholarship awards were made from two sources: the Edna Over Campbell (EOC) Scholarship Fund which was established in 1986, and the Juanita Jones Williams (JJW) Scholarship Fund which was established in 1998. The founders of both of these scholarship funds had life-long careers as educators and worked to promote academic excellence for the youth of our church. The Edna OVer Campbell and the Juanita Jones Williams Scholarships are funded primarily from the accrued interest from their respective investment accounts as well as from contributions that are directed to each fund.

In 2006, a new initiative from our co-pastors, Reverends Douglas E. Summers and Marcus G. Wood was implemented to provide a third source of education funding. This new initiative, the Providence Baptist Church Education Grant (PBCEG), awards financial assistance to members of the church and the community. Funding for the PBCEG will be in the church budget and from contributions.


The Edna Over Campbell Scholarship
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The Juanita Jones Williams Scholarship
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The Providence Baptist Church Education Grant

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There are several ways to support the Educational Funds of Providence.

  1. Mentor one of the youth in the church, particularly if he/she is interested in your occupational field.
  2. Donate monetarily through the church envelopes. You can designate what fund you would like your gift to support by simply writing the initials of the fund(s) on the front of the envelope (example: EOC). If you do not specify, your gift will be evenly distributed among all of the funds.
  3. Support the scholarship events at Providence during the month of February, Scholarship Month, and throughout the year.
  4. Support the scholarship recipients by being in attendance on the second Sunday in September.


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