Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning Worship - 7:45 and 11:15 AM
Sunday School - 9:30 AM
Holy Communion - First Sunday
Holy Baptizing - Fourth Sunday
Mission Sunday - Fifth Sunday

Schedule of Monthly Meetings and Rehearsals

Monday before 1st Sunday - Board of Deacons & Auxiliary of Deaconessses
1st Monday - Trustee Board & Finance Committee, Family Life Ministry
3rd Monday - Dorcas Auxiliary

1st Wednesday - M.G. Wood Fellowship Club
2nd Wednesday - Committee for the Homeless
3rd Wednesday - David E. Over Service Club

Thursday - Golden Gleamers and Bible Study
1st Thursday - Board of Christian Education
2nd Thursday - Ushers and Nurses' Unit & Progressive Workers Club
3rd Thursday - Young Adult Ministry
4th Thursday - Ministry of Caring & Women's Ministry

Friday - Prayer Meeting
1st Friday - Men's Fellowship Business Meeting
3rd Friday - Men's Fellowship Bible Study
4th Friday - Evangelism Ministry

Saturday - Bible Study & Sign Language Class
2nd Saturday - Missionary Society
2nd Saturday - HIV/AIDS Ministry & Spectacular Saturday

3rd Saturday - Girl Scouts, E.W. White Silver Leaf Club, V.A.R. Club
4th Saturday - Visionettes & Floral Club & Spectacular Saturday

Choir Rehearsals

Monday - Inspirational Singers and Women's Chorus
Tuesday - Combined Choir
Wednesday - Youth and Young Adult Choir and Psalmodists of Praise
Thursday - Gospel Chorus and Male Chorus
Saturday - Children's Choir















This Week at Providence

10:00 AM - Brunch and Bible Study
7:00 PM - Male and Gospel Chorus Rehearsal

7:00 PM -  Prayer Service – Dea. Allen, V. A. R. Club

9:00 AM - Men’s Fellowship Meeting
10:00 AM - Saturday Bible Study Class
12:30 PM -  Floral Club Meeting
5:00 PM - V. A. R. Club Meeting at the home of Sis. Barbara Boaz

SEPTEMBER 24, 2017


Preparation for Worship – Praise Team
7:45 AM - Worship Service – Rev. Dr. Summers
Music – Psalmodists of Praise
Meditation with the Children
Blessing of Babies

Coffee Hour – M.G. Wood Fellowship Club

9:45 AM - Sunday Church School

Preparation for Worship – Praise Team
11:15 AM -Worship Service–Rev. Dr. Summers
Music – Psalmodists of Praise
Youth and Young Adult Choir
Meditation with the Children
Blessing of Babies
Ordinance of Holy Baptism

Free Flu Shots

The Board of Christian Education
“G-T-C-T-L" Experience
Light Refreshments will be served





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