In April 1928, two hundred and forty-three Baptized believers withdrew their membership from Union Baptist Church after a majority of that congregation voted to relieve the pastor, Reverend David E. Over, of his duties. While searching for a permanent place to worship, the group met regularly for prayer and consultation during the week and worshiped on Sundays with a congregation pastored by Reverend Francis Storey, at Schroeder and Pierce Streets. At a special meeting of the founding group, a resolution to establish a church in accordance with the policy and practice of a Missionary Baptist Church was unanimously adopted.

The honor of naming the new church was given to the oldest member of the founding group, Mrs. Amanda Robinson. Believing the new church was in the "Providence" of God, she offered the name "Providence Baptist Church." On April 17, 1928, the "Articles of Incorporation" were adopted.

Blessed by God, the new congregation purchased the property at Fremont and Edmondson Avenues where the historic founding meeting was held. This location was to become the congregation's center for worship and service of the next forty-eight years. Rev. Dr. David E. Over provided leadership in the establishment of the new church, and was called as its first pastor on May 4, 1928. During the first year, the church moved forward with success, both spiritually and financially. Rev. Over died suddenly on April 29, 1929.

Subsequent to the death of Rev. Over, the Providence Baptist Church family seeking new and inspired leadership called Rev. Dr. Eugene W. White from Tulane Baptist Church, New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 17, 1929.

Rev. White encouraged spiritual and programmatic development and guided the congregation through the economic struggles of the Great Depression to a period of growth and revitalization. During his ministry, the church burned its first mortgage in 1939, and the second mortgage in June 1943. In July 1951, the church accepted Dr. White's resignation as a result of ill health.

He remained as Pastor Emeritus until his death on September 25, 1952. In September 1952, after months of prayer and meditation, the congregation called Reverend Marcus G. Wood, from the Bethlehem Baptist Church, Woodbury, New Jersey, as its third pastor. His extensive educational background, strong religious training, and varied experiences, greatly enriched and expanded upon the programs instituted by his two predecessors.

During the fifty three years that Rev. Wood has served as pastor of Providence, the congregation has grown through many innovative educational and service programs and building projects. Included among the educational and service programs are the Board of Christian Education; the Church-wide Institute, the Parent-Child Seminar, the SHARE Program, the Food Pantry, and HIV/AIDS Ministry.

Most prominent in the building projects is the one where the congregation following 30 days of prayer in 1972, launched a future development program which culminated in February 1981 when the congregation marched into its new solar-heated church home at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue. During the development of this project the congregation shared facilities with the First Baptist Church of Baltimore from July 1972 to February 1981. Other building projects include addition/modifications to the existing building and the Adult Day Care facility.

Blessed of God to have been led by men touched by the Master's Hand and led by His Spirit, the members of the Providence Baptist Church family are most thankful for the journey and the vision that have brought us to this day. Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Summers joined the Providence Baptist Church family as Co-Pastor on September 17, 2000. As we look to the challenges ahead with much prayer; and great anticipation, and as God has given us, not one but two pastors to follow, let us walk in the Light of His Word, His Will and His Way that each of us, too, might say with assurance "And Grace Will Lead Me Home".




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